Blackbird Chicago: Fab or Drab?

Took a trip to Blackbird in the West Loop and one could definitely say it wasn’t what I expected...

Lunch started with a refreshing cocktail (so sorry I don’t remember the name) with tequila & cucumbers...nuff said. From there the prix fixe began. I selected the crispy brussel sprouts with apple cider, fresno chili, orange & Parmesan as an appetizer. I’m a big fan of brussel sprouts so this dish was a hit with me!

Next up was the hanger steak entree with chestnut mole, cabbage & truffle oil. Followed by a ginger, cinnamon mousse & candied fruit. Both of these dishes shoulder amazing to me, but as I ate I only became more underwhelmed by the experience. Especially when the portions (normal for a tasting menu) are so small...I expected to at least be blown away.

Looking around the restaurant, I felt as though I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. However, the allure of this Michelin star restaurant still attracts many Chicagoans and tourists alike. Of all the Michelin restaurants I have been to, this was probably my least favorite experience. Will I go back? Maybe one day...but I’m in no rush to hurry back anytime soon.

What I will give Blackbird is that their plating is work of art, the ambiance is plesantly light while maintaning and air of class, and the staff that I interacted with were all delightful

Eaten at Blackbird?? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!