Barcelona: Take Two... Déjà Vu

Took a trip back to Barcelona this summer, and it was amazing how much I remembered about a city I have only visited once nearly a year ago. For an extensive look at things to do and places to eat in the city, check out my original post on 96 hours in Barcelona here.


Coming off of a relaxing and beautiful time in Croatia (click here to read about my time in Split), our time in Barcelona felt more stressful than anticipated. How so? Some of you might be asking yourselves. There were quite a few instances of poor customer service, rude behavior (bordering on racism), and a couple issues with mother nature. ALAS, all is well that ends well.

But now that I have been to the city of Gaudi twice, I am beginning to find the things that are my favorite areas, eateries, and pass times. Check out my list of Do's and Don'ts of Barca:


  • Stay at a hotel/airbnb close to the center of the city

  • Visit Chök for some dope pastries

  • Brush up on your Spanish/Catalan before you go

  • Have patience for the your wait-staff. Patience is a much needed virtue... I'm not kidding.

  • Research dining places (especially for quality paella) before you go BUT be prepared for them to not open on time/be randomly closed



  • Use taxi's

  • Eat at Taller de Tapas (on la rambla)

  • Forget to pack comfortable walking shoes!

  • Get scammed by the big bus companies

  • Miss out on touring the Gothic Quarter

  • Spend all of your time in the city center. There is a lot to Barcelona off of La Rambla for you to discover

There is a lot to see and love about your time in Barcelona! I highly recommend staying as close to the city center as possible to save time that would be spent on transportation.

To get a day by day account of what I did during my trip, watch my Barecelona vlog! Let me know in the comments below what your take is on this infamous city and what your travel Do's & Don'ts are for Spain!