Duck Duck Goat

Ever wanted to meet winner of Top Chef? Me too! While I didn't get to meet Stephanie Izard, I did however eat at Duck Duck Goat, one of her restaurants in the West Loop of Chicago. So before we dive into the food, here is a little back story.

Izard is originally from the Chicagoland area, born in Evanston. She was the first female to win Bravo's Top Chef, and since 2010 she has been taking Chicago by storm with her innovative restaurants. Girl and the Goat (potentially the most popular) was her first establishment in the West Loop. A couple of years later, she opened up her second location across the street, Little Goat Dinner. Finally, in 2016 Izard opened Duck Duck Goat (DDG) at Fulton Market. This contemporary Chinese restaurant is fully of of bold aromas, vibrant decorations, and an electric buzz in the air.

During my first experience at DDG, I went in with lower expectations for the dishes, as I have had my fare share of authentic and well prepared Chinese food. However, I must say that DDG has done a pretty great job. They highly encourage eating family style there, so my friend Rhea and I split three dishes throughout the evening. We started off with the Chongqing Chicken and the Beef Slap Noodles. The Chicken was really good (especially for people who enjoy a bit of spice) and reminded me a great spot back at my alma mater where I would get Sichuan-style chicken all the time. The Beef Slap noodles on the other hand were a bit of a disappointment. I really wanted to like them, but they seemed slightly overcooked and lacked the flavor I was hoping they would have. Last, we tried the duck fried rice and it was amazing! Served with a soft-boiled egg that has been soaked in black tea, this dish was the highlight of our night. Some other highlights to be aware of while eating at DDG is that they are known for their great beer and wine lists. They also have a cocktail called the Jade Gate with green tea infused tequila, chareau, pistachio, orgeat, and apple honey. Unfortunately, your girl is allergic to matcha so you'll have to let me know how it is!

Without further ado, here is my immediate feedback and and inside look at Duck Duck Goat. Check it out:


Overall, I did really enjoy DDG. I think I will be back to try their Dim Sum in the future. If you have been to Duck Duck Goat or any of Stephanie Izard's restaurants, let me know what you at and how you liked it in the comments below!