Honey & Mango Habanero Salmon

I have always been a lover of salmon! Baked, fried, grilled, or in sushi...it is hard to go wrong with some fresh fish. As spring finally starting to peak though in Chicago, what better way to celebrate than with a healthy as spring inspired recipe for some delicious salmon?!



2 pavé cuts of Salmon

1/2 tbs avocado oil

1/2 tbs mango habanero seasoning

Raw Honey (unprocessed) 

2 cups green beans

1/2 tsp crushed black pepper

Salt to taste

Meal Preparation

Coat fillets of salmon in oil and mango habanero seasoning evenly. Place salmon in frying pan on medium-low heat & turn every 2-3 minutes to cook evenly. Cook salmon through fully! This should take approx. 11-15 minutes depending on your stove type. Tip: I find that it helps to also turn the salmon on all 4 sides so that it cooks evenly. 

While the salmon is cooking, in a smaller frying pan add green beans, black pepper & salt. Cook on medium heat if starting with frozen green beans and medium-low if you are working with fresh green beans. Turn the beans regularly to avoid burning them.

As you near the end of your cooking time, reduce the heat on your salmon and green beans. Take your serving plates & drizzle honey as a base. Place the green beans down next, followed by a fillet of salmon. Put the tiniest amount of honey on top of your salmon, and voila! You're done! 

Between the avocado oil, low sodium, and raw honey; you'll find that this recipe is really good for you! It's one of my new go-to quick meals because the avocado oil & salmon are high in Omega-3 fatty acids which is great for you skin, brain, and help lower risk of heart disease! 

I particularly like this recipe because it is simple, healthy, and give you a kick of sweet as well as spicy! For those of you who have been with around for awhile, you know that I believe presentations and parings are everything. So have fun with platting this meal, and pair it with a nice white wine, lemonade, water, or any lighter drink that easily compliments the fish.

Let me know how you like this recipie & what your favourite fish cooking tips are in the comments below!