Dim Sum: CHInatown Edition

If you are anything like me, you enjoy trying foods from around the world and different cultures. Well over the past week I was able to try dim sum and it was really good! This was my second time having dim sum in Chicago, but my first time in Chinatown. My friends and I went to Phoenix Restaurant and it was quite the experience. 

The large room was adorned with gold and white everywhere that your eyes could see, and the red and wooden accents gave the room a regal feeling. But the highlight of this taste bud adventure - as with any - was the food. So without further delay, check out what we had:

Unfortunately, I was not able to catch the name of all the dishes, but some of my favorites that I recommend trying include: Taro cake, Soup Dumplings, and Pork Buns. Also, major shout out to my friend Betty for ordering & Lina for keeping me from all potential allergic reactions! [Fun fact: I cannot eat vinegar].

As you can imagine, this was a lot of food to consume. However, I believe there is always space for something sweet! So after our dim sum lunch, we headed to my favorite place in Chinatown, Joy Yee! Here we go some great Mango, Taro, & Taro with Red Bean bubble tea! I'd say this was an afternoon for the books! 

If you ever find yourself in Chicago land or our Chinatown, be sure to check out Phoenix & Joy Yee. For those who are curious about the history of dim sum click her