BLVD Chicago

Back in April I had the opportunity to meet Johnny Besch, executive chef of BLVD. A hip, quaint, speak-easy like restaurant in the West Loop, BLVD’s seasonal menu’s showcase thoughtful culinary works of art prepared by Chef Besch. Inspired by Japanese, French, Latin, and Middle-Eastern cuisine; it becomes quickly apparent that each dish is created as a flavor explosion from a global perspective. While I can gush on for hours, I’ll let the food speak for itself. Click on each picture to read a description of dish along with my thoughts!


While the food is reason enough to make your way over to BLVD, there other reasons I found in my experience for why this spot should be added to your dining roster.

1. The staff was very helpful

No lies…at the beginning of my dinner I was a bit nervous that I’d have to get out here and tell you that their waitstaff what rude AF. And while I maintain my position on the host upfront, the waitress we had was so wonderful that it completely outweighed whatever saltiness I felt.

              I’m allergic to vinegar, and she took it upon herself to find out every single dish that had significant vinegar contents and how it could be modified / altered for me to try. She knew when to engage and when to let the table be. And to top it all off, she surprised my friend with a banana waffle for her birthday which she had overheard us mention briefly. Thank you for being such a wonderful lady in hospitality / service!!

2. Chef Besch (as a person) is AMAZING

There is not too much to say to here other than I was taken aback by how kind, friendly, and humble Besch was when we met a few weeks before my impromptu visit to BLVD. For someone so accomplished, world renown, and member of the L20 acquisition of a 3rd Michelin star. He truly is an artist.

Talking with Besch reminded me of the lifestyle choice it is to become a chef. The work is not easy, the hours are long, and crafting each and every new menu is a labor of love. 

3. The atmosphere is unique & exciting

Girls night, date night, treat-yo-self night. BLVD provides a unique dining experience in the speak-easy yet 1950’s Hollywood space. I have yet to go out to a restaurant like this in Chicago and it was so much fun!


I can’t wait to try the fall/winter menu, but until then…make your way over to BLVD and let me know how you find your experience and the dishes that you try.