Pizza Time: 4 Spots to Try in Chicago


I don’t know about you, but pizza is always a good idea. Growing up, my family used to do Friday pizza nights when my parents would come home from a long week’s work at the hospital (maybe even to return in a few hours if they were on call), and some of amazing memories of my childhood were spent over a good slice.

Now I’m not gonna lie to you…times changed; my mom got on the organic & healthy path when I was in middle school (#triggered), freshman year of college I realized I was more lactose intolerant with age, and my pizza taste buds became more refined. If I’m gonna have all the cheesy goodness it might as well be pretty dang good, right?! SO today I present to you 4 dope places to grab a pizza pie in Chicago that you should be adding to your roster. Up first…

Vinny’s Pizza Bar

Located over on Canal (by Ogilvie), Vinny’s is a fun, retro spot to grab a delicious slice of pizza. I have the pleasure of attending their progressive pizza happy hour a few weeks ago and it was fantastic!! From drinks to apps and of course pizza, Vinny’s has exactly what you need for a unique pizza experience.

My recommendation: The Brie & Apple pizza and a glass of the Jonny Appleseed cocktail.


Happy Camper

Now all you hip kids are probably thinking “Hey Emi, this isn’t anything new…” and you would be right. BUT it is was very new to me and I’m so glad I finally went! Happy Camper is one of your more fun, “hipster” spots offering a variety of specialty pizzas, good music, and an electric ambiance. I highly recommend going when the weather is nice and sitting on the outside patio, but don’t let the Chicago winter hold you back! The inside is just as fun too.

My recommendation: The Tim - pepperoni and pepperoncini for a classic slice with a semi-spicy twist!



This one is for my NW suburb folk! Georgio’s is at the top of my list for thin crust pizza in the suburbs. Perfectly crispy and light but packed with flavor! I have actually been eating at Gerogio’s for 4+ years now, but I could only find one picture from my many visits; guess it really is just too good to wait for a photo.

My recommendation: BBQ Chicken or Pepperoni with Red Chili Flakes



Last but not least, Homeslice is another new spot for yours truly. I’m 99.99% sure this spot is run by the same owners as Happy Camper. (If you know, tell me in the comments below!) However, you will find that the menus are a different and I would argue that the pizza are made differently as well. The crust was much thinner and very soft at Homeslice. Again, I’d say they nailed it on ambiance and the pizzas are unlike what your will find at your run of the mill pizza shop. Their menu is also HUGE and conveniently split into: The Meats, The Chickens, The Veggies and Calzones. So you can rest easy that everyone will be able to find something to eat!

My recommendation: Big Teve - Spinach, roasted peppers, onions, mushrooms, feta, parmesan, mozzarella, provolone, and garlic


What is your favorite pizza spot in the Chicago?? Let me know in the comments! I’m always on the hunt for a great slice.

Thank you for reading, and catch you in the next one!!