How to Sushi: Milan Edition

When living in Italy, it is not expected that sushi would be a regular part of your life...or at least it was not mine. But to my surprise there are Sushi Restaurants everywhere you look in Milan. As one of the most diverse cities in Italy this makes sense for the metropolitan area. So when on a food adventure, what better way to sharpen your palate then to try all the culinary experiences around you? From Kobe to Sushi Ginko , there is a sushi place for every desired ambiance and atmosphere. After about 3 months of trying restaurants all over the city, I have settled on Kama Sushi as my favorite spot in Milan.

Tempura Ebi, Tiger Roll, & Yasai Tempura

Located at Viale Bligny, 42, you can find Kama Sushi as a peaceful getaway along a lively Milanese street. Inside, the restaurant is lightly lit with overhead lamps that are almost not necessary due to the intense inpouring of natural light. Adorned with wooden accents and red detailing all around, one cannot help but fall into the restful (yet, classy) atmosphere. Kama has never failed to provide fresh fish and excellent entrees with ascetically pleasing plating.  

While I will continue to try sushi eateries around the city, I must say that the bar has been set very high. If you ever find yourself in Milan, Kama is a must go to for all sushi lovers. Here are a few more picks from my visits: