When I Grow Up

What do you want to be when you grow up? What a heavy question to answer... But that's not what this post is about. I've started to think significantly about after the part where I grow up & where I will end up. One day when I am old and gray that is...

I have always envisioned myself hit retirement early, baking scones in the morning, living somewhere warm [California, Southern Italy, or Australia, ya know?]. However, on a recent trip to Zürich, Switzerland my standard daydreams had a run for their money. Zürich was vastly different than I had imagined it. From paddle boating on Lake Zürich to shopping along Bahnhofstrasse, the city had something for everyone to do. I do not fancy myself to be an outdoorsy person by any means, but even I felt that the nature around me was too beautiful to be observed from indoors. 

On a hike up Uetliberg (which I was not wearing the appropriate shoes for...), I was able to appreciate the Zürich skyline from a different perspective. Additionally, I met some amazing people after I got separated from my travel buddies. There was a group of 3 elderly Swiss couples going on a hike and they decided to include me in their afternoon plans. The cool part of Uetliberg, in my opinion, is the different types of paths they offer. You can either hike straight to the top, go on a cycle path, horseback route, or on an exercise path. Surprisingly to me, I found myself getting my butt kicked by these extremely fit couples in their 60s as they sped walked from one exercise stop to the next post every 60 meters. 

After about 30 minutes I said goodbye to my new friends and began to walk along the horseback path. This was a true test of agility as my scuffed leather boots made the dangerous task of dodging a minefield of horse excrement. Along this path I met a 7 months pregnant woman going for her daily walk. I though to myself "Are you crazy?! Why would you be up on this mountain...eh...hill all by yourself?!" But I'm telling you, EVERYONE here is fit! We stopped at a bench so she could rest and talked for a bit before I had to make my way back down into civilization.

By this point in the day my friends and I decided that some ice cream from Mövenpick was well earned. It was not until we sat in the middle of Sechseläutenplatz - a large town square laid between Lake Zürich and the city - that I thought I could see myself retiring in a place like Zürich. With the Opernhaus on my left, families picnicking on my right, and breathtaking views of the sun lit lake in front of me, I paused to visualize what life would look like as a resident of this city. Altogether it was an amazing trip! While I am not 100% sure what I want to do when I grow up or even where I will retire after that, I can say that Zürich has definitely left an impression on me.

Take a look at snapshots from time in this beautiful city!