Just a girl looking for adventure...

Passport. Boarding Pass. Ryan Air. Stamps. Trams. Metro. AirBnB.

These are the word that have consumed my life recently, and I would not have it any other way! My international experience started on January 27th, 2015. Here is an excerpt from my journal on that day:

"The time is 20:53 and we have just taken off on our trip to Milan! We have 6hrs and 23min till we get to London though...being as hangry* as I am, I'm gonna watch a movie until they serve dinner as a distraction."

*Hangry: Being at a state of extreme hunger that the lack of food causes anger.

And so my adventure began. Little did I know that the meal on the plane would be amazing & well worth the wait haha [shoutout to British Airways!]. But in all honesty, my life was about to become an experience I have only ever dreamed of. In the past two months I have been blessed to see places and people I have only dreamed of. From Italy to Dublin, this journey has brought me into unexpected situations. Here are a few pictures from my stay in Milano.