For the love of food

I have always loved food for the power a meal holds. Since I was a little girl, I took great joy in cooking meals for my parents. The creativity in the culinary experience is both fascinating and empowering. 

But my love for food does not end at the creation of a dish. I enjoy the process from beginning to end. Picking out produce, cooking, sitting around a table with family & friends, as well as the conversations that linger on even once the meal is done all grew my love for food. 

 This personal passion for cooking extends into a parallel enthusiasm for experiencing the cooking of others.  Experiencing the food of different places enables us to continually tear down cultural boundaries and widen our horizons. The level of love and investment in creating a dish, and, moreover, the relationships they can build only grows my fervor for food.

This--all that food is--brings me here. My passion for experiencing the world one dish at a time has brought me uncountable experience and stories. I look forward to sharing a piece of my journey with you, and I hope you will too!