A Diamond in the Rough

When you go to school in the middle of corn fields, it can be hard to find sushi that is fresh, full of flavor, and high quality. But in Champaign, IL I have been able to locate a diamond in the rough, Sakanaya. With fresh fish, innovative rolls, and classy ambiance; this restaurant almost makes one feel as though they have been removed from the bustling college campus. I have been to Sakanaya quite a few times, and here are some of the dishes I have tried off of the menu:

Not only does Sakanaya offer great rolls, ramen, noodles, etc...but on their lunch and late night menu you can try some amazing wings! My personal favorite is the Hot & Spicy (featured below), but those who are not about the spicy life, Sesame Garlic is a good choice too. One thing to note is that their lunch and dinner menus are very different. If you go to dinner you can try a wider range of rolls as well as entrees.

Of all the dishes I have tried at Sakanaya, I must say the Playgirl Roll (featured below) is my all time favorite. Made with shrimp tempura, avocado, tempura flakes, and topped with tuna this roll is filled with tremendous flavor. 

If were to ask me, I would give Sakanaya an overall score of 3.75/5 stars. Out of all the sushi restaurants in Champaign, IL it is by far my favorite. However, the prices are a little high for the quantity of food. Maybe I am a little biased from the AYCE experience I had while living in Milan. Luckily for this campus town, the lunch menu offers some cost effective options without skimming on the quality.

Food: 4/5       Ambiance: 3.5/5       Price: 3/5

All that being said, be sure to check out Sakanaya if you have the chance. You won't regret it!