My Favorite Athleisure Apparel

February Fitness Challenge

As some of you may have seen in one of my recent insta posts, I’m trying to workout every single day in February! This personal challenge actually started back in December when I was aiming to work out at least two times a week. After meeting that goal for 4+ weeks, I wanted to up the challenge. Why some of you may ask? Well there’s quite a bit of back story there, but i’ll leave you with the same 3 reasons I shared on instagram:

  1. I want to stay healthy (duh!!)

  2. It’s a great method of stress relief

  3. I LOVE to eat whatever I want!

If you want to know more about my fitness ‘journey’ / what I’ve been doing recently to stay healthy on the road, drop a comment below or on my insta post (click the image to access). Good? Good! Now onto the main event…

Dress for Success

WAY back when, as i was preparing to take the ACT, I used to tell myself “If you dress well you will feel good and you’ll perform well!” To this day I’m not sure if that was actually true, but that logic has seen me through a few different milestones in my life. From standardized testing to public speaking and professional interviews, I’ve found that prepping my aesthetic can add a whole new level of energy to my daily endeavors. Working out is no different and I still believe it’s best to dress for success! Click on the video below to see some of my favorite athleisure apparel that I wear to workout sometimes just lounge about.