7 Things to get Her for the Holidays

I don’t know about you, but with each passing year Christmas shopping gets just a little me more stressful. Growing up in a female dominated house was often fun cause whatever my sisters got for Christmas was essential a gift for me too…or it at least it was in my mind. But now times have changed and as my list of people to buy gifts for grows, it can be hard to know what is worth spending your money on.

Now if your sister, mom, girlfriend, wife, coworker, or secret santa is anything like me they have not made a list & are not likely to. So I am here to help with 7 things that I, a young and sometimes cool millennial, have purchased / received over the last couple of years that would be a good gift to give this season:

1. Warm Clothing

Who are we trying to fool?! Winter is here and it is COLD. Especially for those of us in Chicago, you can never have too many scarfs, hats, socks or sweaters. Bonus points if you can find a sweater with a classy pattern or unique detailing. The sweater shown here is one I pick up from Forever 21 for approx. $25.


2. Books

When the snow, rain, or sleet is falling is the perfect time to curl up with a good book! On the (rare) occasion that I am not watching Netflix on my weekly flights to work, I like to grab a book to read during my commute. Books can be a very simple but helpful and interesting gift to give. Below are some books that I’ve gotten recently, if you want more recommendations on some of my favorite books click here. Remember that anything is on the table in this category from: fiction to non-fiction, educational and cooking books!!


3. Art

Now this could just be me, but I’m a big fan of collecting / creating art decor pieces. Art is a great way to personalize your space and give it that homey feeling. Featured here is a shot from Alex Qian that I’m moderately obsessed with and have hanging in my own home. His pieces are absolutely exquisite & come printed on metal for a unique aesthetic. This particular shot is taken at the Chicago river walk at dawn. His work captures view from all around the world, including: London, San Francisco, Shanghai, and much more. Click here to see more of his work.

But I’m not going to lie to you. Picking out artwork for another person is not always easy. Not sure if you’ll find a piece she’ll like? Another option is to get ahold of a picture she has taken (maybe one she has posted or told you she likes) and have it printed on a canvas / framed. I recently had a picture I had taken at the top of the Duomo in Milan printed on a canvas and it takes me right back to the special moment every time I look at it. Art work is a great way to preserve memories and for aspiration of new adventures. This gift can be a great idea for those on a budget but also shows that you were looking to give a personal touch.

4. Shoes

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but if you were to ask my sister the right answer is always shoes. Now this one can be a little tricky if you don’t know her shoe size, but a great alternative is also a gift card to her favorite shoe brand. In the spirit of the winter season, boots are always a good idea. Below are a pair of Frye boots; I highly recommend the brand as their products are both durable and fashionable.


5. Take Her Out

I love a great night out on the town! From dressing up to a fancy dinner or getting comfy in athleisure for a night at the movies, it’s always a good idea to get out in the world and make some memories! This could be as simple as visiting her favorite restaurant, seeing the latest hit movie (I personally recommend Creed II), or a night out at wine & painting. For my fellow Chicago people I recommend the following activities:

  • A walk on the Chicago river & stop by the Christkindl Market

  • Trip to Zbar or the Signature room

  • Day at Navy Pier

  • Planetarium

  • Field Museum

  • Dinner and a show (maybe Second City)

6. Skin Care / Makeup

Winter wind is not a friend to our skin. Give her the gift of self pampering, and check out the great skin care line from Maëlle. It’s super important to keep our skin hydrated and protected from the harsh winter so that we are good to go when spring gets here! Know that she is a fan of makeup / getting dolled up? Also check out their makeup products. My favorite items include the Skin Therapy Facial Oil and the Above & Beyond Mascara. Click here to check out their website and see more details on their products. Use the code: emi10 to get $10 off your order!


7. Plan a Night In

While it can be extremely fun to go out on the town, it can be equally as fun to stay indoors and spend quality time together. Some of the best gifts are moments shared and don’t have to cost a fortune! So whether it’s a homemade spa day with your mom, cooking dinner for your girlfriend, or game night and baking with your sisters; don’t forget that it is the thought that counts this holiday season. In my personal opinion, nothing says “I care and appreciate you” like spending time with those you care about while giving them your undivided attention.

Happy holidays! I hope that this list helps you on your gift giving adventure!!

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