5 Binge-worthy Shows

I love to watch TV. Some of you might read that and think to yourself, "so do most people." But in my house I grew up being know as 'the TV watcher' because I always knew what the latest shows were and I have a knack for burning through any series, no matter how many seasons. 

Since I have joined the working world (#adulting) it's been a little bit harder to maintain high volumes of viewing time. But luckily for me I have been able to watch some amazing shows thanks to Netflix's downloads on my weekly flights. Without further ado, here are my 5 binge-worth and must watch shows from Netflix!




Starting David Tennant (you know...the evil guy from Jessica Jones) and Olivia Colman, this show follows the lives of community members in Broadchurch. Tennant who plays Detective Inspector Alec Hardy – a new member to the Broadchurch community – and Detective Sargent Miller work to solve the murder of a local boy who incidentally is the best friend of D.S. Miller’s son. In a town where everyone knows everyone else, this murder mystery takes an aggressive turn as Hardy and Miller race against the clock to find a small town killer. To make matters even more complicated, DI.. Hardy brings along is own baggage which only make the job more difficult.

This show is easily one of the most addictive crime shows I have watched. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, I was pleasantly surprised by how unpredictable the plot was. With all three seasons on Netflix, Broadchurch is a perfect winter-time binge for long weekends indoors.  


Call the Midwife


Set in the East end of London during the late 1950’s, Call the Midwife it the perfect mix of drama, suspense, tear-inducing moments, and heart-swelling story lines. Now some of you might be saying, “Midwife? A show about people delivering babies sounds kind of boring…maybe even gross.” To the first point I would have to respond that this show is ANYTHING BUT boring. For having completed 6 seasons and having each one just as amazing as the first, you will never find a dull moment in Call the Midwife. It’s rare to find a show that produces such a quality story line; moreover, to have characters that consistently evoke powerful emotions out of the viewer. But if anyone can do it, it’s the creators of this show. To the second comment, I will honestly say that this is not a program for the weak of stomach. There are many moments when things get up close and personal, so make sure that you are okay with a little bit of blood before embarking on this ride.

If you can’t tell, I’m quite the fan of the series and am counting down the days till season seven comes out. I’m sure you can catch up by spring 2018. For those of you who join the fandom, let me know your thoughts along the way!



The Crown



Continuing with the British show trend, the Crown is a popular Netflix original. Following the ascent of Queen Elizabeth to the throne, this show kicks of in the early 1950’s. Now, this show is particularly interesting because it is based on true events, and who doesn’t like an inside peak into the lives of royals?

One of the best parts about the Crown (in my opinion) is actress Claire Foy who plays the Queen. She has an amazing way for making viewers feel her emotions without saying anything at all. Each scene she is in if filled with grace, gravitas, and powerful emotion.

After you watch season one, it will be easy to see why this show won 2 Golden Globes, 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and Emmy among many other recognitions! And the best part for any new viewers is that you don’t even have to wait for season two because it just came out last week and is proving to be every bit as awesome as the last season.

Note: Not all the events portrayed in the show are historically accurate. Liberties were taken.


Happy Valley



The second crime show on the list, Happy Valley is a bit of an emotional roller coaster and thrilling mystery. Main character Catherine Cawood, played by Sarah Lancashire is a police officer in a small West Yorkshire  that leads a stress-filled life to say the least. Thing only seem to intensify when she begins to investigate the murder of her daughter after the prime suspects returns the this anything-but-normal small town.

This show stars one of my favorite actors, James Norton. He is also in War & Peace, Grantchester, and the film Belle (an absolute much watch movie!! though his role in it is small). 

While the premise of the series is inherently dark, and leave little room for the viewer to relax, I must say that the adventure you go on with Cawood is unparalleled by many. It is a great depiction of the lengths and officer will go to for justice and that a mother would go to for her child. With both seasons on Netflix this show is binge worthy to say the least and easy to get through in no time!

This probably goes without saying, but despite what the title might indicate...this town is anything but happy. Gotta love some irony, no?


Stranger Things

Now this show has taken the world by storm for obvious reasons. A little bit of science fiction, coming of age, and humor in perfect balance make this 80s themed xxx an easy crowd pleaser. This show follows 4 young boys in Hawkins, Indiana as they try to solve the mystery of where their best friend and 5th member of the group, Will has gone.

For those who have never seen the show... SPOILER ALERT! …you have been warned. Netflix has confirmed the release of Stranger Things 3 and the thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing what they do with Steve’s character next! By the end of season one I thought “Okay, he’s not so much of a jerk after all.” But now I’m 100% team #mommaSteve. I think he is one of the characters that experienced the most development between the two seasons; moreover, he is one of the funniest characters in season two. That being said I, along with the rest of the world, still ship Jonathan and Nancy. But let’s be real, Steve is where it’s at.



I'm always on the hunt for a new series to watch, and love getting recommendations. If you know a show on Netflix that is an absolute must watch, let me know! I'll be sure to watch it on my next flight!!


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